Milsein Light Inc. became partners with SASSIN in 2019. As one of the leading enterprises in the low voltage electrics field in China, SASSIN International electric Shanghai Co., Ltd is committed to offering the low voltage electric solutions for different fields customers from different countries and regions around the world.

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  • ACB -Incoming-feeder and outgoing-feeder function in distribution systems, Switching and protecting large powers, motors, capacitors, generators, transformers, busbars and cables, Overload protection, Short-circuit protection with short delay, Instantaneous short-circuit protection, and Used in building, industry, energy and infrastructure.
  • MCB - Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Isolation Controlling, and used in residential building, non-residential building, industry, energy and infrastructure.
  • MCCB - Protect plant and equipment against overload or damage by ground faults (ground-fault protection), Protection against fire hazard caused by insulation faults, Switching and protection devices for motors, transformers and capacitors.


Distribution Box

Sassin's Distribution available boxes ranges from 4-60 modules. Equipped with various modular electric for the function of terminal power distribution . Suited for the installation of all individual modular devices. (RCDs, MCBs, RCBOs, swtich-disconnectors etc).


Electrical Accessories

Sassin offers you from Terminal Bars to Shock Protection Caps and many more.


Motor Controls

Used for controlling 3-phase motors and generally for controlling power circuits. Used for many other applications such as isolation, capacitor switching and lighting.


Power Source

Continuosly stabilized power supply where output voltage is unstable. Protection for office equipment, household appliance, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and communication system.

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