Schneider Electric

Milsein and Schneider Philippines has been working together since 2019. Schneider Electric Philippines is a European multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability.

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Miniature Circuit Breaker

The industry leader in circuit protection is easily recognized by the industry's only trip indicator—the red Visi-Trip® Indicator makes it easy to spot a tripped circuit breaker. Compact 3/4 in. wide format for one-pole circuit breakers helps minimize panel space and footprint.


Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Schneider Electric has revolutionized the world of mccb (molded case circuit breaker) and benefits from 60 years of experience and leadership in industrial circuit breakers.


Air Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers to protect lines up to 6300 A, offering advanced digital features


Wiring Devices

Schneider Electric offers light switches and electrical outlets that suit all interiors and exteriors. The range of electrical sockets and switches are useful in protecting from unexpected shocks and surges.